Responding to the Election

It was hard to face my students on Wednesday. There was a lot of big feelings that morning  from myself, my colleagues, and my students. Even though they are in first grade, they had expectations of safety and security before the results. After, they had questions and strong feelings. As a school community, we actively try to show them that they are accepted, valued, respected, and safe. We do this with our words and actions. We do this by taking care of each other.

After Orlando, we responded by making a mural to show our solidarity and support for the victims and LGBTQ community. This week, we responded to the election by asking the question “How do we take care of each other?” We wanted to create a group project to show how we collaborate and value our friends.

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We read and looked at some books about quilts. Quilts tell stories by stitching together many different pieces. In my class, we brainstormed how we can take care of each other.

 “We can help each other with the hard stuff, the grown-up stuff.”

“You can give someone soup!”

“You can hold someone’s hand when they are upset.”

“Bright colors make people feel better.”

“One time, I was in the ocean and my friend fell down. I picked them back up.”

First Grade Caring Quilt #firstgrade

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After, we each got a blank square to decorate (including the teachers). Then carefully, we began to “stitch” our quilt together with washi tape. We also included a square of our school logo because school is a place we feel taken care of.


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