Subway Study: Documentation

Artifacts from our subway study. #firstgrade

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We used the subway as a way of exploring the city in which we live. Each child kept an artifact journal to record information about the places and neighborhoods we visited. As we visited the city, we created a large map that encompassed an entire. The map started out blank with just the 5 boroughs shown. As we explored, we used yarn to mark the subway lines, the children’s faces to denote the neighborhoods where they lived, and other landmarks.

On the top right, are buildings that groups of children made. One day we many cardboard boxes out in the hallway and we quickly picked those up. In small groups, the children had to analyze the architecture of their building, talk about how they wanted to construct the building, and find the materials they needed.

On the bottom right is our classroom subway. In the morning, the children would wait outside our classroom, where they would “swipe” in and come into the subway. We would have virtual trips to different parts of the world that would connect to the neighborhoods we visited in our city.


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